L.A. based trio MAL has a sound that has been described as everything from rock to hard-modern-psychedelic-stoner-space grunge-prog-post- art rock ever since their self-titled debut album was released. Kris Jung (guitar/ vocals), Kevin Davidbadal (drums), and Peter Hollywood (bass) all agree – MAL are all of those things within their own unique sound. Musing on influential albums like Ritual de lo Habitual, 2012, Songs for the Deaf, Down on the Upside, and Fantastic Planet, MAL have made it their mission to reach those who crave a more aggressive and melodic alternative to today’s “rock.”

MAL has already leaked the title track to their new full-length album, Acqua Macabre (listen here:, due September 4th. They will be releasing two more singles over the course of the summer and performing notable local shows. The second single, “I Don’t Believe You,” will be released on July 17th followed by “Disintegration,” on August 14th. In the meantime, MAL will be headlining at The Viper Room on Saturday, July 11th.

MAL’s frontman, Kris Jung, on the title of the new album: “This is MAL taken into a slightly different direction than the first album. Since then, we have all been through some very f***** up experiences, tremendous personal losses. Added to this is an old, recurring nightmare I used to have as a small child which returned as an adult— of giant tsunamis crashing over the Santa Monica Mountains and the helpless feeling of not having anywhere to run. It felt like drowning. This album is the emotional recoil of that time. It’s a more soulful MAL, if you will, a darker MAL with some intense performances. Acqua Macabre seemed an appropriate title. “