Glen Starkey (New Times SLO) writes of the band’s songs:
The Stand: “a grungy anthem worthy of Live or Soundgarden”
Krampus Nacht: “…head bobbing, mosh-stomping fun.”
Gemini: “…uncoils the listener like a tone poem.”
The Curse: “…tremulous guitar work that abruptly turns into a wall-of-sound rock roiling under Jung’s soulful voice…”
Vimana: “…a whisper to a scream rocker. This is good stuff.”

Kevin Drake (30 Seconds to Mars guitarist, Polaroid Kiss) on MAL: “A sound so robust and melodic is difficult to master given a structure built on only three solid components, but this band has more to offer than most four, five, or even six- piece bands…Ears craving some pure, raw Rock ‘N Roll? Then give MAL a listen.”